Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jet Black Pebble on olive green military strap; QR-code functionality and first impressions

My Jet Black Pebble arrived today, and I fitted it to a green military watchband which allowed me to use the Pebble while working on the car and in the garden without worrying about scratching it. For office use I will be using it on an olive-green NATO/G-10 strap, although I will ultimately replace this with an olive-green NATO with PVD hardware:

Here are some of the screens I am using, I used the Watchface Generator at to generate a QR-code which links to my important contact details:

Finally, I tried some of the functionality, and everything seems to be working well (a single RunKeeper display glitch), although I am looking forward to not having to manually connect notifications every time I loose bluetooth connection:

It would be nice to get iSmoothrun support, as this is my favorite running app - I understand Pebble support is ready from iSmoothrun's side and will get to us as soon as Pebble gives the go-ahead.