Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pebble Original or Pebble Steel - versatility vs. looks?

Sunday morning run - is the inability to use NATO Straps for wear outside clothing a dealbreaker for you with respect to Pebble Steel? As a runner I am on the fence, as with a Gadgetwraps wrap the Original Pebble has exactly the same functionality as the Steel, is almost as attractive and is more versatile... I can't decide whether the looks/versatility tradeoff is worth 250USD! I would like to hear if others have had the same #firstworldproblems dilema...

For me, the Pebble is about versatility. The fact that the Pebble Steel precludes NATO straps means that I will probably pass on it. While it looks nice, the functions are the same but the versatility is reduced. As a watch geek, I do hope Pebble will consider reaching out to the community when designing the next Pebble. The current steel straps are folded-link bracelets which signal "cheap" to most watch collectors, and I am afraid any sales of Pebble-specific bracelets will be offset by a reduction in potential Pebble Steel sales to people like me. I only hope that Pebble will offer a quick-adjustment, quality sports strap so that I can justify buying a Pebble Steel after all ;-)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Puttin' on the Ritz - dressing up Pebble with NATO straps and Gadgetwraps

Puttin' on the Ritz: fitted this excellent Titanium Gadgetwrap this evening and test drove a few NATO / watchface combinations. No need to upgrade to the new Pebble steel here :-) ... the versatility of NATO Straps is great, even allowing me to strap the Pebble outside my winter running jacket!