Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pebble KS on tan leather NATO, Fuzzy English Plus watchface

I picked up the 22mm tan NATO some years ago for a Seiko project, and it has been lying in my drawer since. These tan straps are easy to find on eBay, and seem to be made of an artificial leather, even though they are stamped as "leather". They are rather stiff and thick, which is why I have never really used them. However, this particular one was thin enough to fit between the springbars and case, so I broke it in by twisting it for a while until it became more supple. I tried to oil it, but it doesn't seem at all absorbant. The look, however, is rather nice and would match nicely with brown shoes and belt (or a Brooks leather bicycle saddle, for thos so inclined ;-).

Fuzzy English Plus was originally Fuzzy French Plus, which I re-programmed to English and changed the text size of the auxilliary information to improve legibility. This is my "non-work" watch face as I tend to grasp the time more intuitively seeing it in this fashion - at work I need to keep an eye on upcoming appointments so I tend to use Smartstatus or Smartwatch Pro here.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

LaTex Date Watchface

LaTex Date is a watchface for the Pebble smartwatch. Want more information about the Pebble?

LaTex Date


Adaptation of Steven Schmatz's LaTex-derived watchface "Math Geek".

- Includes Date function
- Includes Pebble battery status indicator.
- Bluetooth status: icon as well as inverted screen on loss of connection.

This watchface was compiled using Paul Rode's "Watchface Generator".

PEBBLE - when it's hip to be square!

New watchface - Fuzzy English Plus

Fuzzy English Plus is a watchface for the Pebble smartwatch. Want more information about the Pebble?

Fuzzy English Plus


English version of Bryan Denny / Mandaria Software's "Fuzzy French"

- Shows the current fuzzy time in English (updates every five minutes).
- Shows the current date in English.
- Shows the current week number
- Shows the current time in 24H format (updates every minute).
- Vibrates from 8am to 8pm at the top of every hour.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Pebble KS, oiled brown leather NATO, LaTex Math watchfaces

Pebble KS, oiled brown leather NATO strap, Gadgetwraps Titanium wrap, LaTex Math watchfaces with bluetooth connection/ battery status... IMHO the original Pebble takes "dressing up" rather well!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pebble versatility: watchfaces

Pebble is an extension of your smartphone, transferring relevant information from your pocket to your wrist, when and as you need it. But the plethora of available watchfaces also makes the Pebble a versatile and ever-changing alternative to a traditional watch.

Pebble versatility: wraps, straps and bracelets

One of the great things about the original Pebble is its ability to be transformed by a combination of straps, bracelets and wraps, from professional to sporty. Here with the Titanium Gadgetwraps and Nato/ shark steel mesh strap from wjean28 (eBay).

Pebble Titanium Gadgetwrap on WJean shark mesh

Another great combination: Titanium GadgetWrap and wjean28 (ebay) 22mm "Shark" mesh. The wrap is tough and easy to fit, completely transforming the Pebble, while the mesh band is flexible and breathable for summer/sport use.

Smartwatch+ let me keep an eye on the temperature as well as battery status while allowing me to control the volume on my audiobook. ISmoothrun let me track my pace via the Pebble.