Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review: Smartwatch Pro and Smartwatch+ (SDK1)

 Smartwatch+, (modified) inverted and including weeknumber.

Smartwatch Pro is a watchface, Smartwatch+ is an app (now also a watchface). I use iSmoothrun twice a day, and Smartwatch Pro automatically goes over to the Sport app, while Smartwatch + required me to leave the Smartwatch+ app before the Pebble would open the Sport app... so Smartwatch Pro was just a touch more convenient. This has changed in later updates, and a Smartwatch+ watchface is now available.

Smartwatch Pro (modified) with larger text and showing weeknumber.

I have been using Smartwatch Pro as the screen real estate is used to show calendar events and time, while the Smartwatch+ app uses screen real estate to also show current weather. As I use the Danish weather service on the iPhone to check coming weather forecasts (rather than current weather) I have been using Smartwatch Pro. If Smartwatch+ would show accurate weather forecasts instead, I would consider using Smartwatch+ again as forecast on the wrist would be very convenient.

Otherwise both apps are superb, and apart from the above points I would have a hard time choosing. Both are being upgraded to SDK2, and I suggest supporting both developers by buying their apps and trying them out - I often alternate!